It’s Not All Greek to Us

Want to know more about how to say (and enjoy) some of the most interestingly named dishes on our menu? Here’s some helpful hints... (remember to emphasize the CAPITAL syllables for correct pronunciation).

Avgolemono Soup

When you put together the two words for egg (pronounced AV-go) and lemon (pronounced LEM-oh-no), you get a tasty, silky, cream-free broth with tender chicken and a bright and refreshing citrus note.


It’s fun to say and even more delicious for dipping veggies, pita, or drizzling over meats. Simply say tsah-TSEE-kee.


Dol MAH dess… this is literally how to say the Greek word for grape leaves, which are the heroes of this tasty finger food.


Succulent slow-roasted meat that rotates on a vertical rotisserie for maximum juiciness before being expertly sliced in paper-thin slices onto the dish of your choice… we don’t blame you for being tongue tied. Just call it a YEER-oh and you’ll look like a pro.


If you like skewers or kabobs, soo-VLAH-kee is a sure-fire way to order up the taste of the grill.


Thankfully, one of the easiest Greek words to learn is a sweet dessert pastry you’ll want to order again and again. Bah-klah-VAH is delicate layer upon layer of flaky pastry dough with honey and nuts… great on its own or with ice cream.


You say pillowy-soft butter cookie dusted with powdered sugar… we say Koo-rah-bee-ED-ess. Yum!

We source our ingredients from all around the world and expertly prepare them for our guests. All sauces, soups, dressings, marinades and desserts are made from scratch on a daily basis. What’s more, we never buy processed produce or proteins, we chop, dice, slice and trim ingredients ourselves each and every day, as it’s needed. We don’t make a batch of soup to last a week, we make it daily – and even sometimes twice a day. We stop short at churning our own butter, but outside of that, rest assured our food is as fresh as you can get.

Sure, it’s more time consuming, but that is our commitment to freshness that we will not compromise – our own grandmothers would allow nothing less.